Our approach - The P2i Framework

The P2i Framework: A strategic methodology for sustainable growth.

The P2i Framework by Twenty CX

The P2i Framework is a strategic planning methodology that works on crucial aspects of the sales and customer engagement process.

Across four strategic imperatives - Brand Visibility, Digital Experience, Buyer Influence and Customer Experience - the framework reveals opportunities to intelligently influence how people find, connect with and experience a brand over time.

The outcome is greater confidence in the investments needed and sustainable growth in sales and customer value.

BV influence

Influence starts with showing up.

Marketers often chase awareness and consideration with critical audiences. But here's the thing. With so much fighting for our attention (we're exposed to thousands of marketing messages every day), a campaign often needs smart creative and a massive budget behind it to gain any cut through on these measures. It's even harder to get the brand attribution and unprompted recall to ensure consideration at a future moment of need.  

In simple terms, your brand must be present when someone is thinking about or engaging with your category online. Show up at these moments, and you always have a fighting chance of being noticed and considered.

Google's Messy Middle study proved that brands that show up when we are thinking about a product or a service could win a significant number of sales, even if the brand is unknown.

Today, people flag interest in a category by searching the web. The moment we need inspiration, education or just plain old information, we invariably ask Google.

Visibility Influence benchmarks how a brand and its competitors perform when someone searches online. We then combine paid digital advertising with search optimisation, content marketing and other aspects of our strategy, so they find our brand more of the time.  

Visibility Influence aims to give your brand an unnatural level of presence when people are ready to engage.


  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • Paid Search and Display advertising (SEM)
  • Remarketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Direct response advertising
  • Social advertising

DCX Influence

Making doing business
easy online.

Our websites are our virtual shop windows. Just like in the physical world, it should look interesting and inviting. We want people to step in the door and spend a bit of time exploring. We want it to be easy for them to find their way around, and get to what they need quickly. And when our visitor wants help, we want it to be easy to speak to someone knowledgeable and friendly.  

Our job is to design an online experience that does all of this, to turn anonymous visitors into friends, contacts and customers.

DX influence starts with an audit of the current digital experience, looking at things like conversion rates online, ease of connection, and the tools to make it easier for the business to engage with anonymous and known visitors. It also looks at how online and offline experiences connect.

Using tools like Marketing Automation, Sales Automation, digital-experience design and AI, we work to lift engagement and conversion rates throughout the pipeline to increase sales.


  • Digital Experience Design
  • Conversion rate optimisation
  • Marketing Automation & CRM

Buyer Influence

Turning interest into action.

Regardless of category and sector, we all exhibit powerful unconscious behavioural biases when making purchase decisions. As Google's seminal Messy Middle study proved, brands that supercharge an offering across all the significant biases and preferences can win an exponential share of sales.  

The Buyer Influence approach we adopt benchmarks your brand against core competitors, zooming in on opportunities to increase your offering's salience.  

Buyer influence helps you position your brand and products to intelligently influence your chances of success, helping you take advantage of more sales opportunities. It has implications for all aspects of your product design, distribution, pricing, communications and delivery, but also presents short-term opportunities to win more business.


  • Buyer influence benchmarking
  • Campaign planning
  • Creative strategy
  • Direct response advertising and marketing
  • Content creation
  • End-to-end campaign execution

CX Influence

Turning visitors into customers into advocates.

In a world dominated by 'sameness', Customer Experience (CX) matters. It has become the only way for many brands to differentiate themselves. Getting it right unlocks significant benefits. And it's not just about the soft fuzzies. Those organisations that get it right benefit from improved business performance.

CX is a subjective measure of how a customer feels when they interact with a brand or organisation.  

As customers, we measure our experience based on our expectations of that interaction. Meeting or exceeding customer expectations reduces the cost of acquisition. Customer retention improves, and the cost to serve customers reduces. Staff are happier and more motivated, knowing they are doing a good job. And stake holders achieve better returns.  

So what are the common threads, and how can we influence better CX outcomes? We employ the CX Academy Framework to improve the experience customers have at each stage of the customer journey.


  • Customer journey mapping
  • Customer Personas
  • CX Programme design, development and implementation
  • Brand Activation, on-boarding, cross/up-sell, retention, loyalty and advocacy programmes
  • Dashboarding & reporting

See the P2i Framework in action.

“With Twenty's help, we've transformed our business with smart technology and connected data to empower staff and improve  customer experience. Our business performance has gone from strength to strength.”
Tony Snushall, Founder, SES
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