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“It’s never just business. It never will be. If it ever becomes just business, that would mean that business is very bad indeed.”

Simon Breed, Managing Director, Twenty CX

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That quote from Phil Knight, the founder of Nike, sums-up just how we feel about things.

As a client partner, your successes and failures become ours too. That implies a shared journey, so from the outset, we'll need to get to know what's important to you, the drivers of your business and your customers.

We ask a lot of questions. We promise to listen, to offer informed opinions, and become advocates for your customers. You will be working with focused specialists who act as an extension to your team. We also promise to leave our egos at home.

We're independent, so we are not beholden to shareholders overseas. That means we control our destiny. We thrive on fuelling partner successes in mutually profitable relationships. If things are not working for whatever reason, we can be honest, take action to resolve the issues or move on.

We have developed many personal friendships over the years with like-minded business leaders. That type of relationship is special. It doesn't always evolve like that, but we always aim to become trusted partners and help our clients fly.

In short, we take it personally.

Simon Breed
Managing Director, Twenty CX

Access a greater sense of certainty.

Founded in 2006, Twenty CX brings together years of experience honed in the world of one-to-one marketing, digital and data.  

We offer access to expert resources, systems and processes to help us avoid potential pitfalls while we work with you to fast track the outcomes you need.

Our P2i Framework helps zero in on ways to intelligently influence outcomes, de-risking your marketing investment.

We invest heavily in professional software tools and licences to give us effective access to data, insights and connected-digital thinking, reducing the burden on individual clients.

The result? Increased confidence in achieving the sustainable growth you are aiming for.

With us as an extension to your internal team, you get a greater sense of certainty that your marketing and technology investments will achieve what you need out of them.

Creating a greater sense of certainty as you strive for growth.
Twenty CX wins Nexus Supreme and Gold NZ awards

Awards recognition.

  • Nexus Supreme, NZDM Golds, Silvers, Bronze - AA Insurance
  • NZDM Golds, Silvers and Bronze awards – BMW NZ
  • NZDM Gold, Silver and Bronze awards – Heart Foundation
  • Silver Gong - Asian Marketing Effectiveness and Strategy Awards – AA Insurance
  • Nexus Gold – ChildFund New Zealand
  • Bronze Effie – AA Insurance
  • Inter Direct Network Gold - BMW

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