Mariner Insurance

Strategic foresight and automation technology helps insurer take advantage of demand increases.


% growth in new business year on year.


% increase in database contacts.


% open rates for customer newsletter.

Stand outs & insights

In the year of Covid, demand has grown significantly. Marketing Automation helped ensure scaleability and success.

In their own words

"Twenty has enabled us to better communicate with our clients, build trust with them and make more sales. Our marketing and client acquisition has been transformed by Twenty’s implementation of smart marketing technology and they are a crucial part of the business."
Aaron Mortimer, CEO, Mariner Insurance


Mariner Insurance is a specialist New Zealand boat insurer. They have almost 1000 people rating the service they provide as excellent overall, making Mariner one of NZs most trusted insurers.

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Mariner Insurance
Mariner InsuranceMariner Insurance

The strategy and approach

We have worked with the team at Mariner for over 3 years. We implemented marketing automation, built out the customer journeys and set-up automations to support the customer service team. Lead acquisition, social media advertising, remarketing and customer engagement campaigns are all part of our remit.


With new business growth of 110% year on year, things have been busy for the Mariner team. Having established efficient systems and processes for onboarding and converting new policy enquiries, the team were well set-up to manage the growth.

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% increase in overall database YOY.

Signature Homes

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% growth in new business year on year.

Mariner Insurance

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“Twenty CX plays a crucial role in our marketing strategy. The agency’s breadth and depth in experience mean they grasped our complex business quickly, and this is the reason we’ve come to rely on them as a crucial strategic partner.”
Cindy Posimani, Howick Ltd