Signature Homes

Marketing automation, SEO, SEM and Remarketing contribute to significant growth in online leads.


% increase in overall database YOY.


% increase in leads converted via the website.


% increase in web traffic YOY.

Stand outs & insights

Lead nurture programme emails get huge engagement - with open rates averaging 54% and click rates at around 10%.

In their own words

"Twenty has played an integral part in developing and managing the digital and customer experience roadmap for our business. They’re truly an extension of our marketing team and bring a level of experience and technical skill that adds incredible value to our business. The team are friendly and responsive and always have our best interests at heart."
Chelsea Armitage, Signature Homes


Originally founded in 1983, Signature Homes has become one of New Zealand's best known and most respected residential building companies. We've worked with Signature as an extension of their internal marketing team for over three years, and have consistently helped them increase their lead volumes, web traffic and conversions over that time.

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Signature Homes
Signature HomesSignature Homes

The strategy and approach

Marketing automation was implemented on day one. It was a complex implementation, as Signature Homes has multiple franchise partners around the country, each with their own leads and prospects. Prior to upload, databases were cleaned, merged and purged to create a single source of truth for lead management on the Sharpspring marketing automation platform. For the first few years our work was focused on supporting customer contact strategy, email marketing and marketing automation. We now also work with the business on SEO, SEM, Remarketing and customer nurture programmes.


Year on year, the business has consistently grown at a significant rate since we started working together. In the last year, we took over Search Engine Optimisation. Since that point we have taken them from below the ranks of their key competitors to be number 1 or 2 overall for visibility given the key search terms they are focused on. We have also restructured and optimised Adwords, and introduced targeted remarketing to improve lead generation. Traffic is up 108% year on year, lead generation has almost doubled and sales have followed through putting Signature well inline to hit aggressive growth targets.

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% increase in overall database YOY.

Signature Homes

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% growth in new business year on year.

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“Twenty CX plays a crucial role in our marketing strategy. The agency’s breadth and depth in experience mean they grasped our complex business quickly, and this is the reason we’ve come to rely on them as a crucial strategic partner.”
Cindy Posimani, Howick Ltd