Andrew Simms

Marketing automation and audience engagement programme drive traffic and results.


% average open rate over 3 months.


% of the base have responded.


% engagement rate with anniversary programme.

Stand outs & insights

Over 8% of the base responded to update the brand about their car ownership journey, unlocking immediate sales opportunities.

In their own words


Andrew Simms is one of the largest dealer networks in the Auckland region, selling over 5,000 cars each year. We were appointed to build out marketing automation and CRM to help the brand better connect with customers to improve the customer experience and take advantage of additional sales and servicing opportunities.

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Andrew Simms
Andrew SimmsAndrew Simms

The strategy and approach

In 2020 we implemented marketing automation and started working with the brand on their audience engagement strategy. With the platform live, we initiated a data-refresh programme to update existing records and fast-track immediate sales opportunities. A number of dynamic email programmes have been built, personalising contacts to the brand, model and dealership location to improve engagement and response. The programme continues to evolve to activate more car purchase opportunities as well as cross-sell and upsell of aftersales servicing and maintenance - a significant source of profit for the dealerships.


Initial activity has proven highly successful. Email engagement is particularly strong, with overall open rates and click rates far above the norms for the sector. In the first 6 months of go-live, the marketing automation platform has triggered thousands of responses.

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% increase in overall database YOY.

Signature Homes

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% growth in new business year on year.

Mariner Insurance

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Cindy Posimani, Howick Ltd