Sharpspring Platinum Agency Partner

Twenty CX is a Sharpspring Platinum Partner - a reflection of the expertise we bring to play for our clients. If you are looking at Sharpspring as a solution, move forward with confidence knowing that we are not learning the ropes on your dollar.

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Marketing Automation and CRM with Sharpspring

Our first engagement with the Sharpspring marketing automation and CRM platform was in 2016. We became NZ’s first Sharpspring Gold certified partner, following that up with a Sharpspring Platinum Partner status – a clear reflection of the knowledge and expertise we bring to play for our clients adopting the platform.

About the Sharpspring growth platform

Sharpspring is the marketing automation and CRM platform of choice for many organisations in NZ for good reason. Equipped with a slick user experience, it comes tooled up with the kind of functionality only normally available at a significantly higher price point. That makes it ideal for many sub-enterprise Kiwi organisations looking to accelerate digitally enabled revenue growth strategies, and it gives us good reason to recommend it.

We’ve worked with many MA and CRM platforms over the years, so we have a good bit of experience to call on here. From enterprise tools like Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Pardot, to Hubspot, Infusionsoft and SME-focused email automation apps like Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor, we’ve seen the reality versus the hype. Sharpspring’s strength in capability at a good price point is backed up with transparent pricing and no annual contracts. While we will never be platform-exclusive, it has become the go-to tool of choice for many of our clients in recent years

Is Sharpspring right for your brand?

Sharpspring is ideal for organisations that have a database of at least 1,500 up to 100,000 or so. That said, we have implemented for organisations with much bigger databases and it does just fine. It works equally well for B2B and B2C organisations. The common need is for ongoing lead management and customer or sales engagement. ‍

Accessing our Sharpspring expertise

We work with clients in one of two ways: Implementation and training only, or as an ongoing Sharpspring growth marketing partner.

Sharpspring Implementation and training only:
• We instal and get the platform up and firing quickly
• We train your internal team to execute, stepping in with expertise should you run into challenges
• This works best for organisations with dedicated digital marketing and customer experience teams in-house
• Initial set-up and training normally take 6 to 8 weeks
• We offer a ‘block time’ support service beyond implementation, giving you ongoing access to expert resources as required  
• If you only have a small marketing team with limited experience of digital and marketing automation, this option is unlikely to be right for you.

Sharpspring Growth Marketing Partner - Implementation and ongoing support:
• We instal the platform and iterate the audience engagement strategies for you
• This works best for organisations with a small marketing team or no in-house marketing resource
• You can select the level of support you need and the investment you are comfortable with. You can always top-up when additional opportunities or workload dictates.
• This option provides specialist support for marketing campaigns including creative, design, data, digital and CX to fast-track returns.

What you should expect to pay for Sharpspring

Published pricing for Sharpspring licences with unlimited users start from $399 USD (just over $560 NZ) for a database of 1,000. For 20,000 up to 100,000 contacts, the licence is $1,299 USD (approx. $1,850 NZ). Talk to us for current pricing options based on your needs.

Implementation is based on requirements and typically ranges from $3,000 to $20,000 depending on the sophistication of your requirements.

What's included in a Sharpspring licence? 

The feature list is rich, including a range of functionality: 
• Fully customisable database
• Dynamic email marketing
• Automation and workflows
• Automated lists
• Progressive Forms
• Landing pages
• Social listening and management
• Sharpspring ads (previously Perfect Audience)
• Blogs
• Chatbot
• Customisable CRM
• Sales Optimiser
• Smart mail
• Lead scoring
• Pipeline management
• Video calling / Meetings

The platform is open API and there are hundreds of ready-made integrations, so it plays well with other cloud-based tools.

Talk to us about Sharpspring

We are not a systems vender, so we get to be straight up with you about what you are getting into. We are using Sharpspring and tools like it every day to bring sales and marketing campaigns to life for our clients, so we see the reality of what works, and we know the potential pitfalls. Talk to us about your needs so we can help you shape the right solution from the outset.
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